How does JE feel about the psychic programming currently on television?

I am happy that we are at a place and time that there can be such programming on the air. My issue with it is that it is all coming from a place of fear. There are more haunting shows and ghost sightings on the air than shows that show the validity of this work. People in TV World "REALLY" don't get this subject matter and I don't believe they get YOU the viewer. Sure, I like and appreciate a good scare, but I don't want it when dealing with an understanding that our loved ones are ok on the Other Side. It sends out mixed messages.

I am a fan of shows like Ghost Whisperer, Medium and movies like The Sixth Sense and Ghost (my all time favorite movie ever). The reason why I appreciate these, is because it is clear that it is fictionalized storytelling. Yes, these works inspire people to know that the possibilities of healing are present for us. Even though Ghost Whisperer, really emphasizes on earthbound energies, (which I do believe exist, it's just not the norm) each episode helps people to learn and grow within their own personal life and potential dealing with loss.

I would love to see more shows on the air that deal with real programming of metaphysics not contrived shows that depict kids as spooky little freaks because they are honoring their intuitive nature, or overly produced shows that producers THINK you the viewer really want to watch. Tell the networks what you want to see...because until then..they won't change. That is why Alan Oken and I co-founded - so we can provide people with a place for interactive experiences, learning and the kind of shows that we believe people really want to watch.