How does JE feel about everyone wanting and thinking that THEY are a MEDIUM? What’s the DANGER???

I am always excited when someone wants to develop their abilities. However, it seems every time I turn around these days I am being asked about another medium that is now doing readings. The danger of this is simple: If you are not dealing with someone who has really worked at developing themselves, someone coming from a place of knowledge and balance, you are not going to be positively affected by their message. Way too often, you are dealing with people who actually are strongly intuitive and psychic, but yet really are NOT mediums. Instead of telling the person that they cannot make the connections, they will blame it on the energy on the Other Side. That is beyond wrong.

People have asked me over the last six years when my next book was coming out and my answer had been I didn't have anything to say, but when I did, I would write the next book. As a result of so much inexperience out there, I felt it important to do my part and try to raise awareness, talk about the pitfalls involved, and really help people understand what developing their abilities should be used their best life and evolving through it to learn the lessons you came here to learn and to teach! I would love to see more shows on the air that deal with real programming of metaphysics not contrived shows that depict kids as spooky little freaks because they are honoring their intuitive nature, or overly produced shows that producers THINK you the viewer really want to watch. Tell the networks what you want to see...because until then..they won't change. That is why Alan Oken and I co-founded - so we can provide people with a place for interactive experiences, learning and the kind of shows that we believe people really want to watch.

Miriam Alvarez
Toni Mousley

Not being a paid Evolve member (lack of funds), I couldn't find another place to ask for this advice; A close friend of ours, Robby, is staying with us right now while relocating to the area. He doesn't claim to be a 'medium' per se, but he is VERY sensitive to spirits in his vicinity. He commonly sees white orbs around people, but also (at times) will see like a white spirit form dart through the place and into a room...or see them while we're outside. He can't hear them, but at times can actually see the physical form they 'show' him. For instance, one time he saw an elderly couple in formal-wear dancing around a tree in the field behind our home.
I've lost several loved ones and I can feel them (even who it is) and talk to them frequently. I know that there is nothing malevolent in our home, but we've never had any 'odd' occurrences (hearing stomping through the house when nobody is inside, electrical oddities, etc.) until he starting staying here, so Robby (and I) feel pretty certain that they're being drawn here by him. He knows this as a gift...but, at the same time, it can get very annoying to him...which (finally) leads me to my question;

He says there's no way for him to turn it off or tune out. That's why it can get so very annoying at times. Having watched your TV shows AND seen you live, I know you've always said that you could turn it off (or you'd go Can you please give us advice on how he can learn to do that..?? Thank you so much, in advance.

I just wanted to add that the insight and comfort you've given me, whether through your TV shows, experiencing being in the audience, or your books, has been priceless to me. Thank you for that. God bless. Lori Harding