It has been a while since I came to you with a newsletter like this. One that has been years in the making, yet minutes in the writing. Many of you are bombarded by life, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the news…OMG, THE NEWS! The Election: the division, the sides, the fear, the anger. It makes the energy “out there” just dark and frenetic. Like existing through a storm that ravishes your town, you hunker down and deal with the reality of it all.

Then there are moments that just become clearer and clearer and that is what is truly important. The choices you make, the doors you open for a stranger, the smile someone gives you through a window…it all reminds us that we are all really the same. We are born, we have have a set of lessons to learn and teach and, well…we cross over.

In between birth and death is the land of LIFE. Like notes, chords, and lyrics in a song, we come together to form friendships and families. Many of you reading this are part of the EVOLVE community on johnedward.net and know firsthand what I mean by this. And although I can write multiple newsletters about all of the above, today I ask you for your time. I know how valuable and precious of a commodity time really is, and I have had to learn how to manage it well. But, I have also learned where I want to spend it, like each minute is a million dollars. Because of that, I ask you to spend some of your time reading the rest of this, remembering a few names, taking this energy and propelling it forward to be a bright light for just one other person…or everyone you know :)

The name I want you to remember is SCOTT ALAN, as he is a prominent, well-known composer, musician and lyricist. There will be a link to him at the end, so please stay with me throughout this. The other name I want you to remember is an EVOLVE family member named SUSIE KRAMER. This newsletter is dedicated to her, her daughter Robin, and her husband Bob…with a special thank you to Dianne Gray.

I can’t tell you the exact date, but about five years ago, I started to notice a repetitive post that kept appearing daily on my social media feeds - “BIG HUGS FROM MONTANA.” It made me smile as the woman (Susie) never asked anything of me…she just gave her time and energy every day to send out to the Universe “#BIGHUGS from Montana.” This moved me, so much so, that I found myself looking for it, almost wanting it to happen like it was a time on a clock. Once or twice, I found myself asking Katrina if I missed it in the office, and sure enough, moments later, “#BIGHUGS from Montana” would pop up. We all smiled; Susie did this every day for all to see, a reminder for whatever reason from her and, apparently, the whole state of Montana how important a hug was. Even if it was a cyber hug from a stranger to an army of over a million followers on Facebook. We made a decision in the office to do an event in MONTANA, solely because Susie never asked for anything, not once…so I brought the work to her. I brought her up on stage, got a real HUG in person and we did a “#BIGHUGS from MONTANA” video for Facebook and Twitter to share with the rest of the EVOLVE family that we all met and to ripple that energy out to everyone. You can click on this link here to see it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZnJbqQhDHk

After that, every day, there it was… unconditional “#BIGHUGS from Montana.”

Well, as you already know if you are an EVOLVE member, Susie was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer this year; she was not given a great prognosis. She knew I was returning to MONTANA once again because of her, and she said, “even though the doctors are uncertain I can be there, I am GOING TO BE THERE.” Subsequently, her posts have changed. They always included “#BIGHUGS from Montana,” but she asked for prayer, support and energy to help her through her darkest days. One day in June, I felt through her posts how tough a time she was having. I got her mobile number and called her. My number is blocked, and yet Susie KNEW it was me. We spoke at great length. We reminisced about a previous conversation we had once about her father’s love for MARIO LANZA, the opera singer, and how my mom loved him as well. Music was something us two kids of opera-loving parents connected over. We were just two kids talking about their parents and how we missed them. The connections between us are unique, as her dad passed away on my birthday.

This year, when I went to Montana, I didn’t stay there. I drove 3 hours from Washington State to do the event and 3 hours back… alone. Katrina, who is my co-host on EVOLVE and organizes the events, was in her own car. When I got to the event, I looked at Katrina with hope…

She smiled and said, “SUSIE is here.”

“But she will come see you after the event, as she needs assistance,” Katrina said. Judy Dickson, a fellow EVOLVER, drove from CANADA to be there to connect with Susie as well.

At my events, the first five questions of the night are randomly selected by people who fill out a card to join my mailing list. YUP! Susie was the fifth card pulled. The Universe wanted her voice to be heard. Her question was about having to spend the afterlife with people you didn’t want to ever see again; it was unapologetic and honest. I explained that in the afterlife, we have free will and not too worry. There was no fear in her voice, just personality.

After the event, I met with Susie, her daughter Robin and Judy. The young security guard there ran and got Susie a chair and, like a sentinel, stood behind her listening to her words. At one point, I looked at him and his eyes were watering and he was moved by the conversation we were all having; it was not idle chit-chat. It was powerful, moving and a gift for all of us. We talked about crossing over, the fear of pain and when it would happen. I hoped my words were assuaging the ultimate personal journey ALL of us will eventually be making…I also asked my Guides to give me the ability to not lose it while I looked Susie in the eyes and let her know that even though I would be STATES away, I would always be by her side… along with her EVOLVE family. She smiled, and amidst her difficulty in breathing and coughing, she reached into her bag and said, “this is for you.” It was a cd - my immediate thoughts were it was another Mario Lanza CD.

It was not.

Months earlier, I asked Dianne Gray (@DianneBGray on Twitter), who is a facilitator on EVOLVE, the CEO of Hospice & Healthcare Communications and the President of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross foundation, to interview Susie from the EVOLVE Studios and discuss her journey. Susie decided she was not ready. The cd was Susie being ready, in her own words, for me. I will not share that cd on EVOLVE, but for one line. Her telling me that the cd was ‘IN HER OWN WORDS’… moved me as she told me that I helped her NOT be afraid of what’s next or to come. This is the greatest gift to hear as a practicing medium of 32 years.

I got what will more than likely be my last BIGHUG from Susie in Montana in this lifetime. I got in my car and just started driving. I think I drove for an hour before I realized music was playing on my phone. Going through the mountains, I had lost cell service. When it came back, my apple music reset and started playing all my songs…starting with “A.”

Then, my Guides made me feel like I should “LISTEN”. I had only been thinking about Susie, her journey, our meeting, how she stood out to me, and why? Was there just a personal connection (certainly), but it felt so much bigger to me. I say this, as I have just lost three prominent family members in less than two years. Susie’s journey was standing out to me, maybe because my last meeting was the day after my moms death anniversary. Then, I heard the piano start - the voice ensued and the tears fell for about an hour as I just listened to this song on repeat over and over. Each time I listened to it, it meant more and felt deeper. It was as if SCOTT ALAN was watching what happened, and wrote this song, called ALWAYS/GOODNIGHT. You will want to own this entire CD. I promise you it is AMAZING. It’s as though it is being channeled through him - each song is just powerfully written, brilliantly organized, and packed with emotion. So many times we don’t know what to say, and I found that every song speaks to our situations in life.

I called Katrina in her car and said, “YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.” She did. I called my best friend, Jonathan Louis, and made him listen to it. I called home the next morning, and I kept making people download this to see what their reaction was. It became apparent that I didn’t have to explain my experience with Susie, as ALWAYS/GOODNIGHT was speaking directly to them. I had dinner with my other best friend, who is a Catholic Priest, and I played it for him… we sat quietly, listening… and he pointed up to the cross hanging on the wall and pointed to his ear. That time, I listened to ALWAYS /GOODNIGHT as if it was sung to me by GOD. Yup… LOST it again.

When I got back to my hotel room that event, I followed him on Twitter @ScottAlanNet and hoped that he would notice that I followed him and follow me back. He didn’t, LOL. I knew that I needed to let him know the impact of his song on me, and get his permission to do something special for Susie and to share it in a big way…so I stalked him on his website and he actually emailed me right back. In one conversation, he gave me permission to use his song in any way I wanted… (FREE) I didn’t have to license it, pay to play it or anything…he was just so willing to share it.

Then, I told him the story about how I discovered it; he was deeply moved and he flew into NY to tape a special tribute to Susie…I went to some of the other key Evolve members on Facebook and asked them if we could send #BIGHUGS back to MONTANA for Susie and her family. I was hoping to get, like, 15 of them…over 100 came within a day. You can watch this special (FOR FREE) on johnedward.net

I share this with you here for a lot of reasons. PLEASE go to cdbaby, or iTunes, look up SCOTT ALAN, and buy the cd titled, “CYNTHIA ERIVO & OLIVER TOMPSETT SING SCOTT ALAN.” The reason why I want you to get this particular cd is it comes with instrumental versions of all the songs. They are two different, yet powerful experiences. Now, you all know that I am very specific when I come to you with something, and I don’t want to waste any of your time nor money. The last time we all collectively came together with music like this was FOLLOW THE PATH by Jonathan Louis, and you all put that cd on the BILLBOARD list as it debuted there.

So… this newsletter is a thank you to Dianne Gray for volunteering her time effortlessly in helping Susie and her family. It is a thank you to SCOTT ALAN for allowing me to share his beautiful song ALWAYS/GOODNIGHT with all of you…and here is our #BIGHUG back to Montana with the song playing.

Here’s what I am asking for… I am asking you to forward this newsletter to share the sentiment and the song. I am asking you to share the #BIGHUGS link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else you have. Text it, email it…and let’s make Susie’s unconditional energy ripple out across the planet. Let’s send #BIGHUGS to whomever….

Here are the links…

Thank you so much… and let me know how you feel about this song.


Thank you for being a lighthouse for many who will discover this because of you

John Edward

Jenni Melville
Denise Hooker
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Thank you evolve family, JE; Kat and team you made my mom's days full of love and light and greatness.. # BIGHUGS




BigHugs from IOWA Robin.Thinking of YOU..AND MISS SUSIE!MISS HER


Just 3 days ago I was reminded by my FB On This Day of one of my road trips to southern California. On the way I stopped alongside the Walker River in Wilson Canyon, one of Susie's favorite places, to take my #BigHugs picture. I think of her every time I make this drive. 💗


Can someone please tell me the name of the show on Netflix that John mentioned in a newsletter? I can't seem to find it - Thanks!


I love reading this and find myself randomly reading it at times. It still has such an emotional impact. It shows me how much we can love a person, their soul, without ever meeting them. Susie and Robin were a daily part of my life for a long time even if they didn’t know it. #sendingbighugs to Robin and hoping that you are doing good always and especially during this time of year, thank you to everyone involved! What an impact it has made. Sending lots of love and light to all!




Always big hugs for Suzzie from Montana we all love and miss your energy but you are still with the evolve family each and every day xx


I miss Susie and are conversations!She was a sweet lady.I didnt know her personally but she made me feel we were friends 4ever.I tried to help her as i have studied cancer for 30 yrs.She tried my suggestions but was just to late.I guess when its Your Time..Its yoyr time..The Big Hugs was the neatest thing on JEs FB!and what he did with it from there was nothing short of AMAZING.Will remember it all 4ever.!!So glad for Friendships n Evolve.Facing my own struggles as i just lost My Best Friend..My Other Half..My Mom...i so feel for you Robin..BigHugs from IOWA!SENDING LOVE N HEALING.Going now to listen to Scotts song again


Thankful Thursday - #BigHugsAlways from Long Beach California, Sweet SusieQ (I wish I could emoji a doughnut here) Lots of Love to you Robin & to Judy our Cluster SeaStars