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Book cover for Above & Beyond by John Edward
One Last Time
Practical Praying
Book cover for Above & Beyond by John Edward

ABOVE & BEYOND is the title of my new online series (novel) that is ONLY available as a member of The FIVE.  Consider it an anthology of sorts that will be released monthly (more as episodic increments like a TV series). It will conclude in DECEMBER 2012.

I am very excited to write this and will be releasing it (publishing it online solely at as a FIVE member) in  “parts” & “chapters.” It will not be available for purchase anywhere until it is completed, or be able to be downloaded to devices like kindles/nooks/ipads/etc. 
However, if you can access THE FIVE’s webpage via your login on those devices, you will be able to read it via any device.


ABOVE & BEYOND addresses these questions and more with each new edition that will be published. Being a member of JE’s FIVE, you will be introduced to a bevy of characters that are working through their after life experiences and revealing to you the reader what it might be like. Sometimes emotional, many times humorous, always enlightening and affirmative as tough issues of life, death, and love are explored.

When we start the journey, our narrator and hero, Jack Richman seemed to have it all, a beautiful wife and family, successful scientist and writer who is on assignment in Johannesburg, South Africa when an explosion takes place. This presumed terrorist attack gets revealed to be a natural gas explosion that demolishes a six street radius… Jack was at ground zero.

He “wakes” up on the Other Side to Dr. Annie Brooks and her team of residents in this ‘other’ worldly hospital. At first glance she looks like she is wearing clothing from the 1800s but in a blink, she is wearing a modern day lab coat…

When Dr. Annie Brooks looks at him, there’s a calming energy that warms him and lets him know he is going to be all right… but all Jack could think of is “his wife”…

Jack is about to come to terms with finding out he is in the Afterlife… and he becomes our eyes and ears of what happens when he crosses over….

One Last Time

It's easy to distrust those who claim to communicate with the dead, to dismiss them as charlatans who take advantage of the bereaved. Psychic medium Edward himself urges readers to "be skeptical, though not cynical." But it is not so easy to reject Edward's compelling tale of gradually accepting his psychic abilities (seeing auras, astro-traveling, premonitions) and acting as a messenger between spirits who have passed over to "the Other Side" and their loved ones left behind. With a college degree in public health and administration, and "rising within the ranks" of a large hospital, he finally gave in to the "constant yanking feeling" he had experienced since he was a boy. In several poignant stories of connecting people with their deceased family members, Edward tries "to demystify spirit communication" by explaining exactly what he sees, hears and feels during a "reading." The spirits, he says, speak to him in voices, sounds, images, sensations, smells, tastes and feelings, mostly in symbolic form (for example, a father who always signed things with the numeral "4" fills the psychic's head with images of golf swings?"fore"), to convey a message to loved ones. Usually, beyond identifying the senders in verifiable ways, the messages are simply that those who have passed on are all right and that "they're still with us." Coming off like James Van Praagh (Talking to Heaven) tempered with the down-to-earth appeal of Caroline Myss, Edward offers an intriguing collection of anecdotes that may not convince the cynical but that can both comfort and fascinate the merely skeptical.

Practical Praying


A way to pray that will light the darkness and lead to spiritual fulfillment


In Practical Praying, John Edward explores the power of the rosary as a tool to bring focused energy and creative thought into our everyday lives. For too many people, life is dark and the future feels even darker; Edward reveals how prayer alone can illuminate a path for us to follow and how God's gift of free will can help us chart our own, more joyful course.

The book is divided into three sections:


Section I:  John’s overview of the process of prayer, his feelings about writing on this subject, and the history of the rosary within the Catholic Church.


Section II: How Edward has invoked the power of prayer through the use of the rosary


Section III: An audio/meditation CD that lays out the techniques of practical praying

Each book includes a CD of Roma Downey and John Edward praying the rosary for you to listen to. Also as on online exclusive at each book comes with a wallet rosary card.