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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go about booking a private reading with John Edward?
A: At this time John's private reading waiting list is closed. Once John clears the current list, he will be taking new names. In order to sign up to get on the private reading waiting list, you must sign up for John's free e-mail newsletter and check off the interest box that says "private readings." Once the list re-opens we will be randomly selecting people who have signed up for the newsletter and showed interested in private readings. You will be contacted using the information provided to us and your appointment will be scheduled by someone in our office.

Q: How do I obtain tickets to attend a taping of Evolve with John Edward?
A: Only members of Evolve are invited into the Evolve studio to attend a taping of Evolve with John Edward. Members are randomly selected and are notified individually when there are opportunities to attend a taping. Not a member of Evolve? Click here to find out more and to join.

Q: I am attending a live tour event, will it be filmed?
A: Most of our events are not filmed. There is a small chance that an event you attend may be filmed and if it is going to be you will be informed before entering the event.

Q: Can I bring a child to one of the John Edward live events?
A: No infants, babies or toddlers are admitted into events even with a paid admission. We ask that no one under the age of 10 attend a John Edward event. If someone chooses to bring a child under the age of 10 to an event it is at the staff’s discretion whether or not to allow the child to enter. If you bring anyone under the age of 16 to an event you will have to sign a release form. This release for is stating that you are aware of the subject matter and you are accepting responsibility for the child to attend the event.

Q: How do I purchase tickets to a John Edward event?
A: The safest and easiest way to purchase tickets to one of John's live touring events is to go to and click on the live events tab. That will bring you to John's tour schedule and from there you can select the event you are interested in and click on the order tickets button.  If you purchase tickets from a ticket broker, scalper or unauthorized ticket dealer/source, we have the right to refuse you entry and in addition to that if there is a problem with the tickets, we will not be able to admit you into the event.

Q: I purchased tickets to a John Edward event and never got them in the mail. What do I do?
A:  First, please check your credit card statement to make sure you were charged for the tickets and that the order went through. Next contact the ticketing outlet you purchased your tickets from and they will give you instructions on what to do. Most times they provide us with a lost ticket pick up list and you will be required to bring photo id for the person who purchased the tickets to the event. We will check your photo id against the lost ticket list and admit you as normal. Please note if you report your tickets lost and someone shows up with them, all parties will be denied access into the event.

Q: I can't find John on TV. anymore, which station is he on and at what time?
A: John has stopped filming Cross Country. While the WE Network still replays old episodes there is no specific time or day that they do. Please go to and look at their schedule for more information. (This applies to viewers in the USA only)

Q: I sent an e-mail through the links provided on the site, when can I expect a respond?
A: We make every effort to answer all e-mails as quickly as possible. That being said we do get a lot of e-mail so it might take us a little while to get a chance to respond. Generally, you should receive a response within a week's time, usually less. If it's at a peak time however it could take up to two weeks to get a response. Please remember John Edward does not get these e-mails directly and if you send an e-mail  with specific questions, his staff will try their best to provide you with answers. The e-mail links provided are for specific questions related to tours, events, orders placed and international questions. We are not able to have John answer personal questions for you or provide you readings via e-mail.

Q:  I am attending a John Edward event, is there a dress code?
A: There is no dress code for any of John's events. Wear something you are comfortable in as you will be sitting for at least two hours. Also our events will be cold, please bring a light sweater or jacket with you (even for events held during summer months).

Q: Can I bring a pet to one of the John Edward events?
A: We are sorry but we do not allow pets into any of our events. Service animals will of course be allowed in, however please do not bring animals in training to the event. Only service animals that are already trained and working are allowed.

Q: I am attending a John Edward event and want to know if I can record the event?
A: We are sorry, there is no audio recording, video recording or photography allowed at any of John's events. If you bring a camera or recording device it will be taken from you or dismantled and the film, memory cards, video or audio tapes will be taken. As digital recorders cannot be dismantled they will be taken. Also if you are caught recording one of John's events, you will be asked to leave the event even if it has not ended yet.

Q: I am attending a John Edward event and want to know if he will sign my book?
A: John's tour and travel schedule is a tough one where after many events he is already on his way to the next tour stop. No books can be signed at live events, please check his appearance schedule for book tours/signings. At those events all he does is sign books .

Q: I attended a John Edward event, where can I purchase an audio or video recording of the event?
A: We are sorry most of our events are not filmed or recorded in any way. When an event is filmed those tapes are used for shows and DVD's and are not available for individual purchase after the events.

Q: If I purchase a ticket to any of John's events am I guaranteed a reading?
A: We are sorry there is never a guarantee of a reading when purchasing tickets to any of John's events, big or small.

Q: I see John Edward on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope. Is it really John that I sent a friend/follow request to?
A: If you click on one of the social networking icons on it will bring you to John's official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. These pages are run by John's office staff and they will do all they can to answer your questions to the best of their ability. John does not personally, Facebook, Instagram or Tweet.

Q: I just heard about a psychic/medium who claims to work with John Edward, how can I make sure this is the truth?
A: Many people claim to be connected to John and unfortunately it's usually not the truth. Anytime someone says they are connected to John Edward, check with our office. Please feel free to e-mail our office and we will give you confirmation on the connection. If you go to and click on the private readings tab there is a referrals link. These are colleagues of John's that he recommends to his clients/friends and family and these people are actually connected to John.

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