I would like to see Wakenings (or Awakenings but I know that’s a movie) with John Edward. The show would be stories about life altering (big or small) realizations from John’s readings for all of us here on this side. In other words, how after a reading (by a direct session with John or witnessing the process from sitting in the audience or watching Crossing Over and Cross Country) did you have a thought you acted on and it changed your life for the better? Things like, “I’m going to make time in my life to reconnect with friends and family and really appreciate them” or “don’t take the small things for granted” and what that looks like when actually applied. It is easy to lose sight of things in this fast paced world and it is my belief this show would help reinforce the important things in this life that the other side tries to teach us. It could also include how it has affected the people around us and hopefully inspired them to do something positive as well (paying it forward if you will). Thank you.