Hi everyone! I thought I'd just share a sign I had today, I love hearing about signs people receive from the other side so please feel free to share. So today I went and saw my dad and we had a bit of a chat and I did some work there. On the drive home I did a bit of thinking and thought about how John ends his shows with telling us to tell our loved ones that we appreciate and love them. I'm sure he meant in person or on the phone, but my dad and I aren't emotionally connected like that (never have been) and it would be majority out of my comfort zone, it's a bit cowardly but it is what it is. I emailed my dad and tried to make him feel better about our past as it was very strained, and that I love him and he has my blessing and that I do struggle with our personal issues but I'm happy for him. It was a nice email which I'm sure will warm his heart. Moments after sending it walking from my car a big white butterfly flew in front of me and continued on in front of me. I like to think that was a sign from my mother that she's happy I did that. I always worry i look too much into signs but im confident that was a sign.