I came back from vacation and the old website was gone. Got an email that i had to transfer to the new cite. Doesn't look like we're able to access the symbol cards and some features that were on the old cite. Also don't see a library w/ previous Evolve episodes ? Can you email us when you have the new site up and running with the features a lot of us used regularly? Will there be a credit of time added to our renewal memberships as a see there is no ETA when the new site will be fully functional?

Lorraine Gentle

Hello! The site is up and running. The evolve episodes for this season are all in the Watch Evolve section. We don't keep the full archives open (except for maybe once a year when we open the vault. We are adding in the symbol and tarot cards but those features are getting a make over. The old programs did not integrate into the new platform. We had the option of not bringing them over at all or having them remade and a program written and we decided to have that done. We have added in new sections or Evolve and are still adding in more. We hope you keep logging in to see what's new as time passes.