I would like to see John do a show similar to The View but where all the hosts have different spiritual views. There are so many different types of intuitives that John can have as guests to join the hosts every week. I think that there are so many psychics and mediums etc.... that have their own experiences. I think the audience would be interested in hearing them. I also think it would be cool to pick a guest from the audience to come up to share their view. This way it's not only about celebrities. It's for all of us. People need to know the ups and downs. The responsibilities it holds. I think it was John who once said more people are coming out psychic then gay now a days. I don't think these people really understand what they are getting themselves into. I think a show like this can educate not only those people who want to do this work but the people who don't understand what this work is truly about. A true unscripted and unedited talk show that can push away the scripted and edited tv shows that are causing people to have unrealistic expectations on a very controversial yet genuine subject matter. John works overtime to teach the truth and a show like this can keep his truth in the forefront.

Sally Pozar
Lorraine Gentle

Good idea! I like your idea and the reasoning behind it, I would "like" or "love" this but I don't subscribe to any social media. Thanks again.