It's early morning Thanksgiving Day and while i'm sitting here in the quiet with my coffee I thought I would take a few minutes to give thanks for a few things. John, thank you for all the years of knowledge and experience that you choose to share with us. You could have kept your abilities quiet and took less of a beating but you didn't. Using your life's highway analogy you removed many of the bumps and potholes so the rest of us can travel on a smoother road. To all that have and continue to make Evolve possible either publicly or behind the scenes thank you for your service. To my fellow Evolve members, thank you for having the courage to share your thoughts, feelings and ideas so we can collectively learn and grow. Thank you to my Guides which I refer to as the A Team (yes, the TV reference). I did not choose the name, they did. If you look at the top of page 8 in Infinite Quest at the first full sentence you will understand. This is how I understand one of the big ways they get my attention, through humor which is my nature. Finally, I give thanks to my family and friends on this side and the other who have made my world a better and more colorful place all theses years and for years to come. Special thanks goes to my loving wife who has always been supportive and has helped me to stay grounded during those times when I was unable or unwilling to do it myself. She is my soul mate, my love and my best friend and my love is eternal. I know it's been a long read and I appologize but it was a big cup of coffee! I hope everyone has a good day today and takes a minute to give thanks to the important things in life whether celebrating the holiday or not. Thank you.

Gail Rachel
Lorraine Gentle

Beautiful!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Happy Thanksgiving to you as well and thank you so much for the response! I will be signing up for the 8 week course today so maybe we can chat on some of the concepts along the way. With that being said, being responsible for my own choices in life, my statement with respect to my Guides (The A Team) should have been they highlighted the name for me but it was my choice to accept it! Thanks again.



HI Rob,
YES! If you take the course please join in the conversation. There are two other members discussing it here. I have not quite figured out the best way to organize it on this site. But so far just adding on to a status seems to be working. I have worked my way through the 8 weeks, but did it several lessons each morning so I am going back through it now with a more focused approach. There is a lot to unpack, all great stuff.
Have a great day!