Project YOU- Reflexes
In lesson 3 John asks us to take a closer look and our motivating factors.
I read a quote from an article for artist that related to the same thing and thought I would share as food for thought…..
“Are you honestly striving to become great or are you trying to look good?
Do you want to paint masterpieces or do you want to become a master? The self-conscious need to prove one’s talent is a trap. Because working hard at your craft is not the same as working proactively toward growth.”…
Powerful questions.
So, why are you taking this course? What is driving you?
I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

Kathryn Molloy
Lorraine Gentle

I almost answered this first thing this morning but wanted to give it the day to really think about it. My motivation for doing the course and the reason I joined the website was a curiosity to understand more in depth the thoughts, feelings and beliefs I have always had and to find some peace. This is still the drive and the end result I hope to achieve but since taking the course I now pay close attention to the methods I use to achieve this goal. I have a very strong drive to achieve and succeed at any goals I set for myself and this is where I really have to ask the difficult questions and be truthful about the even more difficult answers that I need to hear. Questions about love, fear, pride and ego always weigh on my mind now and for the most part I manage to humble myself. However, once in awhile I lose focus and take the wrong exit off the highway (to use John's metaphor) and am quickly slapped in the face by my Guides and the Universe. So I take my lumps, learn the lesson and write it down so I do not repeat the same mistake. I understand the only way to truly achieve my goal is to remain centered, focused and humble and this is what I now try to hold in my mind though all the lessons here and in life. I hope this helps. Thank you



I also read this yesterday and wanted time to think. My motivation is self improvement and self awareness. The more I have learned the more I want to learn. Once I was put into a situation to challenge what I believed...........I have been on a mission to learn all I can. I can honestly say I took this course for self improvement. I want to really think.
I think many people have a tendency to just move through life and let it happen. I did it for years.....and truly did not even know it.
Once I was put into a situation to challenge what I believed I moved from what I believe to what I KNOW. That is more powerful than I can express in words. Now that I am to this point in my life I am finding a peace with the awareness.
i have learned along this path that it is wonderful to speak with people also on this path. I love to have the questions put out there to think about. I have also learned that people around me daily sometimes have a healthy curiosity ........but it has made me very aware of........ what I say and what they hear can be two completely different things..
My Project You is totally about Evolving and I am enjoying my Evolving every day.
Enjoy your day......and KT weather here in Indiana is wind advisory......I had to take my wind chimes and bird houses in.. We are moving from unseasonably mild weather to cold today.


I love how much thought went into everyone’s answers! Thank you! For me this is all about developing a deeper spiritual connection. If I am not proactive I am by nature unorganized so I have to set goals and make a plan. I enjoy having a program to follow and like minded people to connect with and this course offers that. I was raised in the Catholic Church but no longer attend, although I still find comfort in some of the rituals. I have always felt a deep connections to something greater and I know as I continue to evolve I will develop a greater understanding. AND….just for the record…I have no desire to ever do a reading for someone else. :)

I’m in Florida, enjoying lovely weather in the mid 70ies!
Happy Tuesday,