I love period dramas and have been thoroughly enjoying The Crown on Netflix and Victoria on PBS. I love the exquisite costumes and the inherent tension between wearing the crown and being a woman, mother and wife. I also enjoy learning about different time periods, seeing what they wore, how they were entertained before internet or television, what foods they ate, etc.

Staying in the British theme, I have been loving the Great British Baking Show. It is also on Netflix and it is cheeky and funny and you get to see how to make exquisite foods without any of the cleanup or calories.

Another one of my favorite activities is to look up all of the last year's Oscar nominated movies and actors and watch films that I missed in the theater. Movies of note that I really enjoyed were Moonlight (that one was so poignant and beautiful stole the best picture Oscar from LaLaLand), LaLa Land, Fences, The Zookeeper's Wife, Hidden Figures, and Lion (John, this one takes place in India and Australia).