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Frequently Asked Questions for The Five

What is “The Five”?

The FIVE is an online interactive JE community of sorts. In my mind, I am taking the newsletter and making it interactive. Again, as a result of the success of this newsletter and the ridiculous and overwhelming reaction to the online interactive event for my birthday, I decided to speed up the launch of THE FIVE on This is something that was going to be rolled out in the beginning part of 2012, so we are doing this just a few months earlier. Basically, the FIVE is another way for me to interact with you, where people will randomly get selected for readings, questions, live interactive shows, and whatever else we can come up with.

How much does it cost to join “The Five”?

Now, as much as I would like to create it for free, it’s not something that I can realistically afford to do in the way that I want to do it. So, YES… there is a charge if you want to join and NO… you don’t have to.

A year membership paid in full at time of ordering is a onetime payment of $75 USD! That works out to just $6.25 USD a month.

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When Will I Get My Order?

Please see Where do I get my welcome/membership package?

How Will This Appear on My Credit Card Statement?

Your credit card statement will show payment to

I don’t live in the United States may I still join “The Five”?

Anyone may join “The Five” regardless of your physical location. You will still have access to all of the member benefits and you will still receive a welcome package even if you live outside of the USA.

How old do I have to be to join “The Five”?

You must be 13 years of age or older to join “The Five”. Children under the age of 13 need parent’s permission and the parent to sign them up for “The Five.”

Will I continue to receive the newsletter if I am not a member of “The Five”?

This newsletter stays free of charge and will grow in content as the result of THE FIVE community.

What do I get for joining “The Five”?

In your welcome package you will receive:

  • A welcome letter
  • 1 signed John Edward book
  • 2 rose appreciation pins
  • A 25% off coupon for
  • A login and password to access to The Five community on
  • A special exclusive member’s only item

Upon joining you will have immediate access:

  • To view and participate in the monthly web events only open to members of The Five
  • Access to chapters of John’s latest electronic book series “Above and Beyond” as they are written.

In addition to that each month:

  • Five members of the five will win a phone reading with John
  • Five members of the five will win the chance to have their question answered by John
  • Five members of the five will win a pair of tickets to an event closest to them
  • Five members will win appreciation packs of John’s merchandise

Management reserves the right to alter this package at anytime. All items are while our supplies last and an alternate item might be sent as a replacement if we run out of any of these items.

How do I obtain a login and password?

When you sign up for the five and pay to join, you will create your own username and select your password. Once you have completed your registration you will be able to log in with your password and username.

Which book will I get signed?

You will get a book of our choice. The book can be any one of the books that John has written but will not include his latest release “Infinite Quest.” All books will have a signed bookplate with John’s original signature, no reproductions or duplicates. Depending on what we have on hand your book maybe a paperback or hardcover, it is up to our shipping departments discretion and no special requests can be honored.

What is the exclusive member’s only item?

The exclusive member’s only item is a special “The Five” lapel pin. This pin is your key to unlocking special member benefits at John’s events in the future. Make sure to keep your pin in a safe place as no replacement’s can be issued. Also please note the exclusive member’s only item will start shipping at the end of November and will not be included in your Welcome Package.

What are the monthly web events?

Once you join “The Five” you will be able to go to and log on with your username and password. Once you are logged in you will see the player on the page. Each month John will host an event on-line exclusively for members of “The Five.” We will post the date of the broadcast on The Five page well in advance to give you time to make arrangements to watch and or participate in these events.

How do I become one of the participants for readings or to ask a question during the monthly web events?

Registering is simple, just go to and log on with your username and password. Once you do that look to the right of the media player for the Register button. Each month you can click to register again to be selected to participate.

How will I know if I was selected to participate?

On the date and time of the web event, log on and be ready. Registered users will be randomly selected and contacted using their preferred method of contact (either phone or Skype).

Do I need a Skype account to participate?

You do not need a Skype account to participate. You may participate by phone. If you would like to Skype in and don’t have an account please go to and download the free program and register with them. Once you do that when you register to participate in the event, please provide your Skype name so we may contact you on it. Also you must be logged into your Skype account during the event in order to be contacted via Skype.

Where do I get my 25% off coupon and how do I use it?

The 25% off coupon will be mailed to you in your welcome package. This coupon is good for a one time use only and you must be logged into your account to use this coupon.

How will I be able to access the Above and Beyond chapters?

Coming soon we will be posting chapters to John’s new on-line novel called “Above & Beyond.” Each month a new chapter will be released and you will access it on line at! Once you are there log on with your user name and password then click on the Above & Beyond tab.

If I already have any of the items my membership comes with may I request a substitution item?

We are sorry we cannot substitute any of the membership items at this time and no special requests can be honored.

Where do I get my welcome/membership package?

Once you join, we will send out a membership package to you via media mail (unless you purchased priority shipping at an additional charge). Packages will be mailed out within two weeks of purchasing your membership and please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery (international customers may experience longer delivery times).

How many people will win a month?

Each month there will be a total of 20 winners.

What can I win?

Each month:

  • Five people will win a private reading with John (this will be a phone reading unless otherwise noted). ARV $750 USD
  • Five people will win a pair of tickets to a John Edward event closest to their home (tickets will be held at the door under the member’s name and will only be able to be picked up by the winner) ARV$300 USD
  • Five people will win a John Edward Appreciate pack (appreciation packs are a package of various John Edward products) ARV$100 USD
  • Five people will win the chance to have their question answered by John. (all questions and answers will be posted on The Five site)

How do I enter to win?

All paid members of The Five are automatically entered to win the readings, tickets and appreciation packs. In order to have your question answered you must go to and login using your username and password. Once there click on the Submit a question button. Each month five people’s questions will be chosen and answered.

How will I know if I win?

Each month winners will be posted at on or about the 5th of the month. If you win a reading or tickets to an event one of our office staff will contact you by phone or e-mail to coordinate with you. Please make sure all of your information is correct and up to date, if we cannot get in touch with you after three attempts your prize will be forfeited. In order to see if you have won the opportunity to have your question answered, you must go to and login with your username and password. Once there the questions and answers will be posted each month on or about the fifth of a month.

How often can I win?

You may one win a private reading, appreciation pack or tickets to one of the events once per year. You may win the opportunity to have your question answered countless time.

If I am selected to participate in one of the monthly web events, can I still win one of the prizes listed?

Yes , you will still be able to win one of the 20 monthly prizes if you are selected to participate in the monthly web event. These two things are completely separate of one another.

How many times may I participate in the monthly web events?

With your membership you will be able to watch each monthly web event as it airs. You may be selected to participate once every six months. So you have the chance to participate in up to two monthly web events per membership year.


If you have any questions about "The Five" or an order you placed for "The Five" please click here to email

Please note it may take up to 14 days for a responce. No phone calls to our office will be returned.

You can also visit our additional help page.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

One Year Membership: If you purchased a one year membership, your membership will run out one year from the date purchased. Once you purchase a one year membership there are no refunds or cancellations. You will not be charged for an additional year once your membership expires, but you will be sent an email asking if you would like to renew with your options.

Monthly Memberships: By purchasing a one month membership you agree to being a member for a minimum of three months. You are charged $9 per month each month to keep your membership active. This is an EFT program and the membership stays active and payments are taken until you decide to cancel. If you would like to cancel your membership you may do so in one of two ways. If you click on the "My Account" button at the top of the webpage, you will be brought to your user account page. Once there, click on the "Recurring Fees" tab. You should see your monthly membership listed here. If you have already paid for 3 months, you will see a cancel button there. Simply click this and confirm that you wish to cancel. 

Alternatively, you can cancel your monthly membership by sending an email to It can take up to two weeks to cancel your membership and in that time you may be charged again, so please take note of when your billing cycle is to avoid additional charges. All cancellations can only be made after three months of charges have gone through.

Monthly and Yearly membership to The Five as well as Five spots cannot be returned or refunded. There is a strict no-refund policy for these memberships.


*By attending a John Edward event and meet and greet after the event you grant us permission to use your name, likeness and photo.*