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I'm Evolving with you on Facebook!

I hope you are enjoying the new site...like us...it's still Evolving...as well as the new set will be over the next year. Look for all new episodes of Evolve with John Edward, Season 11 to…

New Topic Posted (Below)

New Topic Posted (Below)

Check out the new topics on movies and tv shows and what you are watching. Go to the topics below (bottom left) and weigh in! 

Questions for John

The November and December questions for John have been posted and are ready to view! Head on over to the Giveaways & Recipients area to view them now or Click Here to be taken to the Giveaways…

Snow Day

Due to inclement weather our offices will be closed on Thursday, January 4th! IF you are trying to reach our office there will be a delay in response. We thank you for your understanding and…