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Evolve with John Edward

What is Evolve?

Evolve is an online interactive JE community of sorts. In my mind, I am taking the newsletter and making it interactive. Basically, Evolve is another way for me to interact with you, where members will randomly get selected for readings, questions, attend meet and greets after the events, and whatever else we can come up with.
Miss seeing Crossing Over on t.v.? Now as a member of Evolve you have direct access to watch Evolve with John Edward, a weekly show where you at home are the audience and get called for readings and so much more. Each Sunday morning at 10am EST, a new episode of Evolve with John Edward is posted for you to watch. If you ever miss an episode don't worry, you can access the most recent back episodes as well.
Once you join you  will be mailed out a welcome package with a few tokens of our appreciation as a thank you as well!
Now, as much as I would like to create it for free, it’s not something that I can realistically afford to do in the way that I want to do it. So, YES… there is a charge if you want to join and NO… you don’t have to.
A year membership paid in full at time of ordering is a onetime payment of $99 USD! That works out to just $8.25 USD a month.
I look forward to having you participate in this online community and becoming part of the Evolve family!